Below is what divers have to say about Aquatic Ventures:
Derek Schlenker Suarez reviewed Aquatic Ventures — 5 star

These guys are amazing! I just received my scuba certification from them this last week. Everyone is incredibly friendly and knowledgable, I will going back for continued education, certifications, and dives. Highly recommended!

Zack Werdell reviewed Aquatic Ventures — 5 star

Amazing place. Amazing dive masters. couldn’t have felt more safe while training and learning how to explore a new world!

Kevin Szymanski reviewed Aquatic Ventures — 5 star

After years of talking about it, I finally wanted to get my basic certification. I got a Groupon deal and decided to give this group a try. They were absolutely awesome! Robert, Michael and Kary were very serious about getting you comfortable with the process and safety trained. Really makes you enjoy the classes while being very thorough. I will be going back to them for more advanced training. Thanks again everyone!

Bill Hoy reviewed Aquatic Ventures — 5 star

Completed my 65ft dive today with AV, dove the Hog Heaven wreck, IT WAS AWESOME! Kary always makes sure you have a blast, and you are well trained and ALWAYS SAFE. Can’t say enough about the experience. Completing my Adv. Cert. AV you’re the best! Thank You

Jamie Cahill reviewed Aquatic Ventures — 5 star

This is the place to be if you want to learn how to scuba dive like a pro. Kary and his team are so fun and make you feel safe and prepared as first timers. I will definitely come back for the fun dives they have planned throughout the year to keep up my skills and see more of the underwater world. Don’t miss out on one of the coolest experiences you can have! Highly recommend

Ashley Alfonso reviewed Aquatic Ventures — 5 star

Found them on Groupon and I LOVED it! Had a great time diving and learning. The staff is really help and know their stuff. You learn what you need to learn, none of that extra fluff crap. Kary, was a great instructor, made class really fun, and I felt super confident with him. Can’t wait to start diving and hope to do dives with them in the future.

Shauna O’Donnell reviewed Aquatic Ventures — 5 star

This place is great! Kary is an awesome instructor and makes sure you know what you’re doing. He has lots of great diving stories and definitely knows what he’s doing. And he’s fun so no worries about being bored out of your mind. 😉 Would definitely recommend!

Lauren Taylor Georgalas reviewed Aquatic Ventures — 5 star

I went on my first night dive with aquatic ventures and they were amazing!! I was terrified to dive at night and Kary made sure I was safe and comfortable throughout the dive. This was my second time diving with aquatic ventures and it’s always a fantastic experience.

Paul Michael reviewed Aquatic Ventures — 5 star

I had wanted to get my dive certification. After a recommendation from a friend, we got a Groupon for Aquatic Ventures. They are passionate about diving and share their love of diving to the students. I am so happy that we attended their program; they are patient and encouraging. I look forward to filling our diving logs with their beach (and soon boat) dives, in our continuing Scuba education. They have a highly certified staff and a continuing curriculum.

Michael Stiles reviewed Aquatic Ventures — 5 star

Aquatic Ventures made my introduction too diving amazing….I take my open water dives in the near future and look forward to being under the expertise and experience of Kary. His wealth of knowledge and his great personality made the classroom and pool time easy to understand concepts and safety. I already looking to take the Advanced Diving, once the basic is completed. Kary and Aquatic Ventures thank you for introducing me to the world of diving and all that it offer..I cant wait to join the outings!!!!


Chet Sechrest reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

As a retired disabled veteran the first thing I noticed was the level of knowledge and professionalism when talking to the owner. A retired Marine and his attention to detail and safety set the standard. We rented our gear and it was serviced and in new condition, he took the time to go over everything with us and answer all our questions before the dive. As the dive master he made sure all divers were checked out and ready to go. Dive was excellent but what made the difference was the outstanding customer service he provided.i would highly recommend Aquatic Ventures for your next dive outing.


Derek Pilkington reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star 

I started diving with Aquatic Ventures about 7 months ago, since then I went on to get all my current certifications with them. The instructors are very knowledgeable and were able to answer all my questions. I plan on getting all my future certifications through them and would recommend this company to new or experienced scuba divers.


Dara Bogorff Blumenstine reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

I have been wanting to get my open water certification for many years but am claustrophobic and was not sure that I could do it. After much research I came across Aquatic Ventures who I discovered also works within the community with Dive4Vets which made me more interested in them.

I want to thank Aquatic Ventures, specifically Kary and Michelle because with their proper training, many years of experience and patience I was able to successfully complete my certification along with my two teens. Kary made the kids realize they could have fun learning and to be safe. Aquatic Ventures was also very accommodating with our busy schedules.

We are very lucky to have found not just a great school but to learn from such great people.

I highly recommend Aquatic Ventures to everyone.


JL Devine reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

This first time diver just became a lifelong diver. The crew was so professional and knowledgeable. I had so much fun learning from them and can’t wait to keep going. Love these guys! #TeamKary


Brad Spaulding reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

Had a blast on the keys Dive today..!! Thanks Kary and Michelle you guys are great. No problems and great people. I give them 10 stars if i could.


Russell Benedetto reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

Awesome, super knowledgeable and just good people. Need to be certified, get gear or just want to dive this is the place


Daniela Ibarra reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

Aquatic Ventures is a great company. Everyone is friendly and professional.


Max Cufari reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

Getting scuba certified for me was merely a thought for a long time until I came across Aquatic Ventures. The staff was nothing short than outstanding. Kary & Michelle were my instructors for the course. They were friendly, patient, and always had answers to our group’s questions. I still continue to dive with them on a regular basis. Their dive locations are the best and they have mastered their way around. Nobody can compete on their service and pricing.


Victoria Devine reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

My husband and I purchased the Groupon offered for the open water certification. We had an amazing time learning from Michelle and Kary. They have a wealth of Knowledge and make sure you are adequately prepared. Top notch service and will be lifelong patrons continuing to learn and complete more certifications. The dive sight was beautiful and the ratios are small for a more one on one type learning environment. I definitely recommend this business for your dive needs �� thanks guys!


Lylybell Oramas reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

Awesome experience !!!! Informative, patient, knowledgeable, kind, and fun are just a few words that begin to describe aquatic venture and its instructors 🙂 can’t imagine going somewhere else and having such a great time as I did here !!!!

Robert Rea reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

Best investment I’ve made in a long time! Instructors are friendly, knowledgeable,for sure! Standards are high and an overall fun experience! Looking forward to future dives with this team for sure!

Catherine Remotti reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

My ex bought me a diving certification and from the moment I made my appointment everyone was super nice and knowledgeable. Michelle was super sweet. My instructor Kary has so many hours and is an expert. I felt really comfortable being under his care. I trust him completely and looking forward to many more adventures with them.

Alicia Defeo reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

I had the best scuba diving training with Kary McNeal . I can’t wait to do my first scuba dive on my own !


Stephane Souquiere reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

We did our first class last week end, Michelle is a GREAT teacher, cannot wait to finalize the certification on Friday and go to the next “advance” level. I highly recommend this shop. Thank you Kary too. see you soon!


Corey B Grogan reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

I have been diving for a few years but have never been able to get certified since every place I called said they only do dives on weekends and I work weekends.
Aquatic Ventures is by far the most flexible. I did Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday with Kary ( he is very knowledgeable and keeps everything fun and safe) and now I’m finally certified and can get my own tank filled! They also give a 20% discount on merchandise and repairs to all of their students!!!
I highly recommend Aquatic Ventures!

Chelsea Newberry reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

A+! Awesome, hassle-free experience. It was really great that they were flexible and could work with our schedules — we really appreciated that. Everyone on the team is thorough, knowledgeable, and very experienced. They made our training seamless, safe, and so much fun! We are now certified and will definitely continue advanced training with Aquatic Ventures. It’s a wonderful feeling to be treated like peers instead of just customers for profit. Can’t wait to dive with them again!! Highly recommend! Thanks Aquatic Ventures!!! 🙂

Justin Hart reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

My girlfriend and I just had our first day of open water certification training at Aquatic Ventures. We had so much fun while learning the ins and outs of scuba diving. I would highly recommend this company If you are planning on getting scuba certified in South Florida. The staff was very helpful and knew exactly what they were talking about. I got this as a gift for my girlfriend for our 2 year anniversary. We always go out and get lobster free diving. This year I wanted to surprise her with open water scuba certification so we would be ready for lobster mini-season. Let me just say she was and still is ecstatic!!! Thank you so much, Aquatic Ventures!!!

Alexander Balaez reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

I recommend Aquatic Ventures if you’re looking to get scuba certified. They break scuba down into a fun and captivating sport/activity! They teach you everything you need to know so you can have fun (and not die LOL)! The instructors are patient and make sure any questions you have are answered! Again, I recommend this place highly!

Jordan Kaplan reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

My family and I just completed our Open Water Certification. Everything was fantastic. The team made the experience very fun, enjoyable and comfortable. By the end we all felt very comfortable with the skills they had taught us. Besides the expertise available the price is a no-brainer, far less expensive than anywhere else in south FL.
Thanks Kary, Rick and Michelle!

Anthony Sosa Scifo reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

Great experience! The whole staff is very helpful, encouraging, and does an outstanding job. If you’re looking to get certified search no more this is the place to do it. At an affordable price that always has special deals going on I’m so grateful to have been certified by aquatic ventures!

Stephen Dambra reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

Great People, Great Instruction, Great Presentation, Great Demonstration…

Myself and 2 Teens are now Certified Open Water Divers
We will be continuing our Dive Experience and Education with Aquatic Ventures

Drew Johnson reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

Growing up in Miami, I have been in the water my whole life. Since I was 8 years old my father had me in the pool in his scuba gear and diving for lobster in Miami and the Keys. Although I had logged plenty of hours in the water, I had never taken classes to get dive certified. Now, at 31 years young, I decided to take the plunge and get my certification. I signed up at Aquatic Ventures based on its proximity to my house and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience. Kary and Michelle taught me so much about diving that I didn’t know and provided me an experience of a lifetime. I loved their “method” so much that I am continuing to dive with them to work on my Dive Master certification. Two weeks ago we did a wreck dive to almost 130 feet of depth, something I have never even come close to before. What an amazing experience. Kary is a former Marine Diver so there is never a moment that dive students should ever feel in danger. I also love that they try to have an underwater photographer with them on the weekends for dive students to always remember the experience. They don’t charge for the pictures or anything, they upload them onto their facebook page for their students to enjoy. Wonderful team and experience!


Ariel Campos reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

Alert the press! Aquatic Ventures is the go to place to get scuba certified no matter what level you are at. Super cool staff that is knowledgeable and keen on safety. I’m super stoked and looking forward taking the rest of the courses to become a dive master.
( bucket list check! ) Rich was my class room instructor and Kary was my open water dive master. These two gentleman made it super enjoyable while teaching me the art of scuba diving. AV keep up the great work! #YouGuysRock #Scubalife


Ricardo J. Moreno reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

I began with Aquatic Ventures back in 2012. When looking for a dive shop to “officially” certify me, I traveled all over South Florida to find the right one. What I found was a common theme amongst most outfitters, they were very eager to sign me up for a certification class, but were even more excited to push me to buy their gear, photo packages, and extras. Needless to say the prices were astronomical.

I then arrived at Aquatic Ventures and met Gary (founder & owner). Gary sat down with me and we talked about all kinds of things from why I wanted to get certified to American Indian history. Not once did he try to push equipment purchases on me or unnecessary add-ons. Gary gave me a price that was more than fair and promised to work around my chaotic schedule.

After getting certified the relationship only grew. The instructors were always available to answer my questions and uncertainties and provide useful insight.

Then Kary came along. Kary McNeal (owner) is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to diving. He is always available to his students, loves diving, and legitimately cares about making everyone the best diver they can be. Kary continued Gary’s vision of the dive shop, to make sure and spread the secret of diving, to always have fun, and teach everyone how to dive safely.

Kary brought Michelle (owner) down to sunny south Florida from the cold snow up north. I remember going out on a night beach dive and Michelle commenting “this is the first time in my life I’m diving without a wetsuit, I’m never going back.” She sure didn’t! She bought into Aquatic Ventures and became part of the family. Michelle added a needed woman’s touch to the shop. She whipped the boys into shape and made things more organized and streamlined. She also brought a wealth of knowledge from a lifetime of diving and instructing.

Most recently, Rick (owner) became part of the A.V. Family. With the addition of Rick, there is now close to 100 years of diving experience at the helm. He is extremely knowledgable of scuba diving overall but has excellent knowledge of technical diving, equipment, and the skills to maintain and repair gear.

If you’re looking to get into diving, want to continue your learning, or need gear advice/service and want to be treated and looked at as a person and as family member instead of $$$ then this is where you want to be.

Go in and meet them, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I trust them with my life 100+ feet underwater, no other shop will give you this sense of security.


Deanna Augusto reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

I found a Groupon for Aquatic Ventures and thought why not. Scratch one off the bucket list. I was so glad I found them. I was so nervous but Kary was awesome. He made me feel safe and gave me confidence that I could do it. It was great fun while learning and they take good care of you. They also do charity work with Vets. I definitely recommend this place.


Tasha Yohan reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

I received the certification as a present and it is by far one of the best gifts I have ever gotten! The team at Aquatic Ventures is knowledgeable and super friendly. I had a great time and I cant wait to go further in my SCUBA education.


Kristen Cosentino reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

My bf and I had such a great experience getting our certification with AV. Neither of us had any experience, and we’re a little nervous, but the instructors were super friendly and understanding, and calmed our nerves. We are going back to get our advanced certification soon, and have had numerous of our friends get certified through Aquatic Ventures as well. Thanks Kary and Michelle!


Rigoberto Ruiz reviewed Aquatic Ventures5 star

Bought the Open Water Certification as a birthday gift for my father, and completed it today on Father’s Day. Great experience, small groups, and Kary was a fantastic instructor. I will definitely be back for some of their other courses.