Fort Lauderdale Diving Sites

Broward County offers a wide range of dive sites from shallow beach diving to very deep wreck dives. Three natural reef structures run parallel to the coastline. At the south end of the county, near Dania Beach, there are lots of great beaches where you can swim out less than 100 yards and spear fish, lobster, or enjoy a great dive on the first reef line. On the north end the first line may be as far out as 300 yards. Depths ranges for the first reef system are generally around 20 feet or less during high tide, and 16′ or less during low tide.

The second reef line is less than a mile from shore with depths generally less than 25 to 35 feet. This limestone ridge system features tons marine life like sponges, fans, and numerous tropical fish as well as schools of grunts and yellowtail. To protect the reef, permanent mooring buoys have been placed in five areas. These mooring areas offer some of the most outstanding dive sites in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

The third reef line is about a mile offshore, and at times, can have very strong currents. Depths are in the 45 – 90 feet ranges. Visibility is usually fantastic thanks to the current. This reef line offers excellent drift diving, spear fishing (lots of Hogfish), and is great for Advanced Divers as well as novice because of the wide depth range.

In addition to the natural reef lines, Broward County has created approximately ninety artificial reefs, including ships and vessels, concrete modules, limestone boulders, and offshore oil platforms. A few of the wrecks are in more than 100 feet of water and should be explored by skilled, advanced divers only.