Team Building

Are you as tired of the standard “team building” programs as your employees are?  When you schedule your team building events, do you say to yourself, “This again”? Are you looking for something new?  Well here is the answer to a new Corporate Team Building event with immediate and long term benefits.

SCUBA Divers Use The Buddy System… SCUBA Requires many of the same skills needed in TEAM BUILDING. Want your Business Teams to Communicate more Effectively? Want your Business Teams to Collaborate more Efficiently? Team Building Produces Results Through Participation and Cooperation. Give Your Business Teams the Opportunity to Build on Existing Skills and Reach New Depths in Their Coworker Relationships!


A Solution for Corporate Team Building Activity with Long Term Benefits

Aquatic Ventures Scuba Diving Program is a perfect Team Building activity aimed to improve workplace projects involving a teamwork. After completing the program your staff will be equipped to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses better, and much more. This understanding helps team members to bond enabling them to work better as a team and more effectively towards a common interest, vital to your company’s future progress.

Why Scuba Diving as a Team Building Activity?

Scuba Diving contributes to building a strong team by:

  • Promoting the importance of group safety in a challenging environment.
    • Helps an individual value instructions and take progressive steps seriously to achieve the desired outcome.
    • Ensuring the needs of reliable check points to avoid potential problems.
    • Encourages team members to assess their mental state and focus to perform a specific activity the best way possible.


  • Team leaders and members become proficient at dividing up tasks so they are performed by the most qualified individuals.
    • Improves morale; increases individual skills; enhances creativity; boosts productivity; promotes loyalty; and advances group’s working dynamics, confidence and cooperation.
    • Helps clearly define important objectives and goals refining processes and procedures for improvements.

Suggested Programs

  • Discover Scuba (for groups of 4-10 employees)
    •    Open Water Diver (for groups of 2-10 employees)
    •    Build your own program (for individual or groups)