The USCGC George M. Bibb, known locally as the Bibb, was named after the Secretary of the Treasury under President John Tyler. She was built in 1936 as a part of a group of seven vessels that included the Duane. The 327ft. long Bibb lies on her starboard side. She was sunk the day after the Duane in 1987.

Like the Duane, the Bibb rescued many hundreds of people from disasters at sea. One of the Bibbs most famous rescues was of 202 survivors off the Merchant Marine ship SS Henry Mallory on a single day in 1943. She served patrol and escort duty in the North Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Viet Nam and the Pacific Ocean. In 1945 the Bibb served as the landing operations flag ship in the invasion of Okinawa.

The Bibb rests on her starboard side. As you descend, you will touch her gunwale around 100ft. and the deepest part in the sand is at 135ft. The Bibb is very much coral and sponge covered with a myriad of fish life living in and around this warship.

This dive is an advanced level dive, even more so than the Duane due to its depth. All dive operators require either and Advanced Dive Certification with recent diving experience or to be able to show two eighty foot or deeper dives in your log book within the last 12 months. You can also hire one of Key Largo’s experienced dive Instructors or Dive Masters to take you on a guided dive. You should arrange a minimum of one week in advance of your trip.