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Aquatic Ventures is our dive center in Fort Lauderdale. We offer certification courses for all the major dive associations. Unlike many others, you won't need to rent or buy gear from us to get certified! Of course you can buy your own dive equipment and we will match any price.

All services we offer are listed below. Visit our Services-page for more information.

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  • Diving
  • Equipment
  • Air
  • Maintenance/Repairs

Feel free to browse around our website and we hope to see you in our dive center soon!

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Aquatic Ventures dive center

Aquatic Ventures is a full-service Dive Center that is dedicated to making the SCUBA certification process lots of fun and convenient for you.

Whether you're looking for SCUBA Instruction, need to buy gear, or want to plan a dive trip, we can meet your needs.
We also service equipment and fill and service tanks.
Let Aquatic Ventures show you the best that South Florida diving has to offer!

We stand ready to teach you the fun of Scuba diving.
Read about our team members below!

Gary Beiter

Gary Beiter

Gary has over forty years of experience teaching and training Scuba diving, as well as extensive education and training in underwater archeology. Gary is a PDIC Certified Instructor Trainer (the highest PDIC rating) for over twenty years.

Gary's top priorities in teaching Scuba are safety and fun. Whether you're a beginner looking to get your open water certification, or an advanced diver wanting to learn specialized skills such as underwater archeology, Gary and Aquatic Ventures have what you're looking for, and at a great value.


Our team is ready to support you in having the best diving experience possible.
You can buy diving equipment at great rates, get certified for diving and have your equipment serviced with us.

Certification Courses

We offer courses to get certified at all levels from all agencies recognized by the WRSTC.
Classes, pool dives and open water dives can be done 7 days a week (weather pending). Call or visit the shop for scheduling.

Click on any of the courses below to view detailed information about that course.
Of course you're also always welcome to visit or call the shop for information.

For files and media, go to our Downloads-page or Videos-page.

Discover Scuba Diving - Gear included$150

On vacation and want to dive, but don’t have 3 days for training? No problem. In this 1 day course, we begin with a 1 hour lecture, followed by 2 hours of practicing and demonstrating your skills in a safe pool environment. After the pool class, you head to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean to one of the many reefs and dive right from the beach.

After completion of the open water dive, you can apply that dive towards an open water certification within 12 months of participation of the course.
Students must receive the voucher from their instructor at the day of the completed dive for recognition of the Discover Scuba Diving course.

Standard Open Water Certification - Course materials and gear included | Group price available$399

Do you want to become a certified Scuba Diver? This is the course for you! During this course you will complete all theory, the pool series and the open water lessons done on at least two different days.
This course takes about 16-20 hours.

  • You'll learn the theory by a lecture and you'll get course materials. You'll also receive a booklet with some useful reference information and tests.
  • During the pool series, you'll experience taking your first breaths under water and practice basic (but very important!) skills.
  • While in the open water, you'll get more comfortable and become more experienced in scuba diving. You'll see an example of what the ocean/sea has to offer and practice some more skills.

All open water lessons are done off the beach. A boat dive is optional and requires an extra fee.

Jr. Open Water Certification - For Ages 12 - 15 | Course materials and gear included$350

Who says kids are too young to learn the skills and physiology of open water diving? The Junior Open Water program is for students between the ages of 12 and 15, who may require individual tutoring of the physiology of the human body, gas laws, proper equipment assembly and the complete understanding of scuba skills underwater, so that young boys and girls will enjoy their new underwater world, safely, comfortably and properly trained with the skills and theory they will need. It's a great activity to bond with your kids!

Jr. Open Water Certification requires an Open Water certified diver to be present on every dive.

Resort Course - Gear included$175

On vacation and want to dive, but don't have 3 days for training? No problem. In this 1 day course, we begin with a 1 hour lecture, followed by 2 hours of practicing and demonstrating your skills in a safe pool environment. After the pool, you head to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean to one of the many reefs and dive right from the beach. You'll love it so much, you'll probably want to dive again before going home.

The drawback to the Resort Course is that you must dive with Aquatic Ventures regarding any future dives.
Also, the resort course is only good for 1 year.

Refresher Course - Course materials and open water dives NOT included$150

Already certified, but it’s been over 6 months since you’ve been diving? We can help you gain a high comfort level in the water again. You will need to purchase and complete the Scuba Review Manual and must attend one pool session to refresh your skills. At the end of the course, you will receive a decal to be placed on your certification card showing completion of a refresher course.

Advance Adventure Open Water Certification - Boat trip included, course materials and gear NOT included$350

If you've just completed your Open Water Certification which certifies you to dive to 60 feet/18 meters and your anxious to not only dive again, but you're wondering what it's like to dive deeper than the 60'/18m limit; a great way to get 5 adventure dive lessons under your belt while learning how to dive a wreck, learning advanced navigation techniques, and have the option to view the underwater world at night, then this is the course is for you! There aren't any exams, just limited review which can be done online through E-Learning ($120) or with the purchase of the Advanced Open Water Diving Kit ($75).

You are required to complete the knowledge reviews for the dives being made. The two core dives are Navigation and Deep and are mandatory. The other three dives can be selected by you.
Please refer to the Specialty Dives.

Advanced Diver - Course materials and gear NOT included$210

Choose any three specialty dives and earn a rating in those particular specialties. You must have a filled out and signed log book with you to show proof of experience when traveling abroad or diving on charter boats after course is completed.
Please refer to the Specialty Dives.

Nitrox (enriched air) Certification $125

Breathing enriched air (Nitrox) gives a larger margin of safety than diving with normal compressed air. Since there is less nitrogen than "regular" air, the bottom time may be longer with less risk of decompression sickness.

This is a 1 day course and students will be certified to dive with Nitrox after 4 hours of instruction.

Specialty dives - Visit or call the shop for pricing.$-

These are the available specialty dives:
  • Drift
  • Night
  • Limited visibility
  • Underwater naturalist
  • Underwater hunter


We offer the best equipment for a great price!
You can buy all your diving needs from us.
Our personnel knows what suits your diving needs and can get you diving with your own gear in no-time!
Visit our shop or call for information.
We match any price. Check with us last!


As local divers we know the best dive spots in South Florida.
You can take advantage of that by joining a group dive with a Dive Master.

We offer 2-tank boat dive packages for $60.
A guided tour is also available for an additional $65.
Equipment and tanks are not included in these prices.


Of course we can also provide air refills.
We can provide air refills and Nitrox fills at our dive center for very affordable rates.
We also offer visual inspections and hydrostatic tests for tanks.

Service selected equipment

Our team is not only very experienced in diving, but can also repair and/or service your equipment.
You're welcome to bring your equipment to our shop.

We can service selected brands of equipment.


Call or visit our shop to get a quote and order your gear.
Check with us last!


We no longer use the old forms. Please stop by the dive center for a new form.
In time, the new form will be available here.


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